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Who am I?

"I am not young enough to know everything."
- Oscar Wilde

… and not old enough to have forgotten everything either. I live somewhere between those stages, in the foggy realm of adulthood.

FredrikName: Fredrik Malcus
Birth: March 24, 1963 (you can probably figure out my age...)
Living where: Staffanstorp, Sweden.
Work: Plantvision.
Internet-mail: fredrik <replace with the at sign> malcus.com
WWW-Home: Right here!!!

What's my story?

Here's some sort of a CV.

  • Started studying at Lund University and for one year I tested chemistry, physics, electronics and FORTRAN programming on VAX 11/780... finally settled on:
  • Chemistry studies at Lund University paralleled with part-time work at Sydgas (later Sydkraft, now EON) (purity analysis of natural gas (on a HP5880 gas chromatograph) and computer consultant)) added studies in every chemistry-related computer item I could find... Final exam work on using PC's and Fourier signal smoothing to enhance detection limits in glucose analysis using modified electrodes.
  • Computer consultant at a small IDEON based consultancy named Syscon working for Sydgas, built preventive maintenance logging systems based on Quick Basic, Excel macros and PSION Organizer's OPL; featuring hand-held field sampling, serial communication, in-house developed databases and report generation. Also helped customers with PC - remote control and file transfers.
  • PhD-studies in Analytical Chemistry; subject: on-line trace metal enrichment and speciation coupled with graphite furnace atomic absorption spectroscopy using 8-hydroxyquinoline (8-HQ), controlled pore glass (CPG), flow-injection analysis (FIA), Varian AA-1475, GTA-95, IEEE-488 communication, AD-converters, PC-control and Pascal programming. Naturally this turned into pure automation - programming and I ended not as PhD but computer nerd. In the end I held lectures and practices on instrument control using PC's and Visual Basic programming for serial communication with instruments.
  • Short episode of Windows/Delphi programming work, mostly adaptations and modernisation of instrument control programs for Reologica (now Malvern Instruments) rheological instruments.
  • Two years of IS/GALP work at Pharmacia & Upjohn now McNiel. What it means? Information Systems / Good Automated Laboratory Practice (PDA ... but don't forget GAMP) this meant contacts with FDA about computer validation, Riksarkivet on electronic long-time storage and a load of other issues you get when you cross a modern pharmaceutical analytical laboratory with computers.
  • Ten years of LIMS project manager at Softwarepoint. Project manager and programmer for customer adaptations of the Wilab LIMS system.
  • Five years working as senior consultant at Plantvision implementing the SampleManager LIMS system at all manner of companies.
  • Three years working as Laboratory Systems Specialist at ALK supporting, improving and implementing laboratory information systems (mostly but not limited to SampleManager LIMS).
  • Latest adventure, working as IT manager / administrator in the computer team of the technical support group at Novo Nordisk OFP site Malov, primarily responsible for the in-house IT systems and IT activities of the QC lab. Yep, going back to the lab and supporting the users through the whole value-chain of a modern quality control laboratory.

What do you get with all this? A cross-breed of a technically oriented analytical chemist and a computer nerd. I believe it's a viable breed and life has been good.

What am I doing?

I'm a computer literate analytical chemist working at Novo Nordisk. I'm working as an IT professional and application specialist for the QC department in OFP, Maaloev, Denmark.

What would I like to do?

I would like to work with analytical chemistry, automation of analytical procedures and computerization of analytical chemistry.

I have some strange ideas of writing up articles and lighter thesis work and I will, as soon as I get some time (I have actually done some work...)...

And I would like to:






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